D’Albert De Luynes Lafosse, Jean-Baptiste Adolphe  (French, 1810-1879)

From Assemble Nationale Galerie des Representatives du Peuple (1848) (Seine et Oise). Below image on mount "D’Albert de Luynes, Ne a Paris le 15 Decembre, 1802. Signed by de Luynes (facsimile). De Luynes served as a representative of the Second Republic, 1848–51, where his role was that of an independent, before he withdrew to his chateau at Dampierre with the rise of Napoleon III. Honoré Théodore Paul Joseph d’Albert, duc de Luynes (Paris 15 December 1802 — Rome 15 December 1867), inheritor of several French titles as duc de Luynes, de Chevreuse et de Chaulnes and an immense fortune, who cut a figure of grand seigneur and supported the exiled comte de Chambord’s claim to the throne of France. He offered a prize of 8000 livres for the first successful process of photolithography while he was assembling at his château de Dampierre one of the finest contemporary natural history collections in France. He donated his collection of ancient coins, medals, engraved stones and Greek vases to the Cabinet des Médailles in 1862. His archaeological interests took him as far as the Dead Sea and to Petra, in May 1864.