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Cristaux Formant Poussière Lackerbauer, Pierre  (French, 1823-1872)

Lackerbauer was a lithographic artist and photographer who applied his mastery in both techniques to learn photolithography which he demonstrated at the 1867 Paris exposition. Fourteen of the prints for this book are early examples of photolithography and were made on lithograph presses using the same type of limestone block that was used for reproducing artist drawings.

The book contains 39 plates, 2 photogravures by the Dujardin procede Garnier, 14 “Helio Lith (photolithography) procede Pinel- Peschardiere” two are pasted within the text, 5 chromolithographs, 1 lithograph from a photograph, 17 lithographs from microscopic specimens.  The Helio Lith’s are from photographs and photomicrographs by the Pinel-Pescdhardiere photolithographic process patented 1868.  The 2 photogravures are from photographs. [1]


[1] cited 1/26/2023