Contest Rossi (painter)

Bond, Henry Charles, England, Three color photography and printing 1888. This patent described the use of carefully created color screens placed in the camera to obtain the correct color information of the primaries on dry plates and then using these to create complimentary bichromated gelatin prints to be placed on glass for collotype or on stone for lithography. Once placed as bicromated gelatin matrixes “Each of the three images is now inked up with the suitable coloured ink and each colour is printed in turn on the same piece of paper as in chromolithography.” (patent abstract Pat. #13,301, 1888). Wall’s History of Color (pg. 340) states that the Bond patent, was used by WATERLOW & SONS Ltd., England, who referred to it as “Chromotype" 1892. Wall (pg. 321) also quotes Bond, “These colored pictures may also be printed in gelatin tissue, stained to the required colors after development with anilin dyes or other dyes, and the three skins superimposed, for the Magic Lantern slides.” (]oseph Albert and Johann Obernetter experimented with three color collotype in the 1870’s as did Edward Bierstadt). Planographic (Hanson p. 36)