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Child Yanomami, Lafakabuco Salgado, Sebastião  (Brazilian, b.1944)

Enfant Yanomami à Lafakabuco, dans la ‘Serra dos Surucucus’, État de Roraima, Brésil ”, 1998. Heliographic aquatint engraving on copper, intaglio print by Pierre Brochet, signed and numbered in pencil.

Pierre Brochet (1922-2016) was a French photographer, printer and educator. He specialized in antiquarian photographic processes and in the early 1980s played a significant role in the revival of photogravure in France. In 1985 Brochet started the L’association pour la photographie ancienne (APA) which specializes in the study and the practice of the antiquarian photographic processes, especially photogravure. Over the course of his career Brochet, in addition to his own work, executed photogravure projects for many institutions including the Musée Carnavalet, Fondation Claude Monet, Centre National Pompidou and from photographs by a whose who of French photographers including Nègre, Atget, Boubat, Puyo, Salgado and many others. Brochet’s atelier was located in his home in Beaumont-du-Gâtinais, France.

Reproduced / Exhibited

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