Brooklyn Bridge with Clamp Baril, Tom  (American, b.1952)

From a portfolio of 12 signed photogravures printed on Arches 100% cotton rag paper. 150 sets available

Tom Baril was born in Connecticut in 1952. After graduating from New York’s School of Visual Arts in 1980 with a BA in photography, he served as Robert Mapplethorpe’s exclusive print maker. In the last 25 years, printmaking is not all that Tom Baril has mastered. He embraces every nuance of his medium. Whether it is 4×5 Polaroid pinhole or 8 x 10 collodion wet-plate, Baril produces technically perfect and exquisitely pure prints.

From a 1996 New York Times review … "Appeals to the sublime abound in the highly polished photographs of Tom Baril… Mr. Baril worked for many years as Robert Mapplethorpe’s printer, and his technical mastery is evident in these big, luscious images. In his own work he favors natural subjects, from the twisting stems of a handful of poppies to the expanse of sky and blurred line of surf on Fire Island. But he also finds crisp graphic compositions in such industrial subjects as the Verrazano Bridge between Brooklyn and Staten Island; photographing it from directly underneath, he turns the receding span into a dark angular form splitting the frame. Charles Hagen Jan. 19, 1996