Boy with Camera Work White, Clarence H.  (American, 1871-1925)

In this touching photograph of his young son, Maynard, holding a volume of Camera Work, Clarence White expressed in visual terms his affection and esteem for this journal. Stieglitz, who was photographed on numerous occasions with Camera Work, was its editor from 1902 to 1917. Number One, prepared late in 1902 by Stieglitz and Joseph Keiley, featured the work of Gertrude Kasebier, and included her very popular Blessed Art Thou Among Women (no. 22). Soon Camera Work had nearly a thousand subscribers in the United States and abroad and was considered the finest photography publication in the world. It offered photogravure reproductions of superb quality, which today are often collected individually as fine prints. The journal ceased publication in 1917, after Stieglitz turned his attention to painters. [1]

Reproduced / Exhibited

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin Spring 1978


[1] The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin Spring 1978