Autotypie Zinkcliché von Husník & Häusler Unknown

Hergestellt mit dem Neuen Husník’s reproductions – Emailpapier (Produced with the new Husník’s reproductions enamel paper)

Jacob Husnik (1839-1916), Bohemia — Collotype, 1868. Albert purchased the rights to Husnik’s system to eliminate competition. The U.S. rights were obtained by Frederick Gutekunst in Philadelphia, who called his prints “phototypes.” Planographic Husnik’s “Leimtype”, 1887, used a thick layer of bichromated gelatin which was exposed under a line or halftone negative. The gelatin sheet was then attached to zinc with resin and developed into a high relief with a solvent. This gelatin surface was then used directly to print from. The halftone pictured is 120 lines per inch..


Hanson, David Checklist of photomechanical processes and printing 1825-1910, 2017 p. 65