An Antient Fortress. Now the Villa Veli-Montana Parker, John Henry  (British, 1806-1884)

John Henry Parker was an English archaeologist, writer and publisher. Parker was one of the chief advocates of the restoration of ecclesiastical buildings. Parker devoted much attention to explorations of the history of Rome by means of excavations, and succeeded in satisfying himself of the historical truth of much usually regarded as legendary. Two volumes of his Archaeology of Rome were published at Oxford in 1874 and 1876. In Italy one of Parker’s principal projects was to compose an archive collection of photographs of the city’s greatest monuments from the Renaissance era onwards. Employing local photographers the collection recorded not only Rome’s greatest building and works, but also detailed scenes of the late 19th century archaeological excavations. He used many of these to illustrate his books. In 1893 the entire archive perished in a fire at the Palazzo Della Porta Negroni Caffarelli depriving modern archeologists of an invaluable source of material. (wiki)

Both the photographs and Dujardin photogravures in this publication are quite crude an aesthetic that oddly pairs well with the primitive subject matter.