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A Glimpse Backward Dixon, Joseph  (American, b.d.1926)

Noted photographer Joseph Dixon followed his inaugural 1908 expedition to Montana with a second journey in 1909 for a meeting of “what was expected to be the Last Great Indian Council.” Dixon and his partner, financier Rodman Wannamaker, “believed, like so many of their contemporaries, that the traditional Indian was destined to disappear… It was time to gather the last generation to tell their stories and be photographed for Dixon’s book, The Vanishing Race… Representatives from nearly every reservation were assembled. Portraits were made of the chiefs, as well as scenes of camp life and battle. Dixon also re-enacted General George Armstrong’s Battle of the Little Bighorn” for this splendid volume. [1] These photogravures are poor quality.


[1] Fleming Paula Richardson and Judith Luskey. The Shadow Catchers : Images of the American Indian. L. King 1996. pp 215-17

Dixon, Joseph. The Vanishing Race. The Last Great Indian Council… and The Indians’ Story of the Custer Fight. Garden City, New York: Doubleday, Page, 1913.