6944 Panorama d’Edinbourg, pris de Calton Hill, Clouzard, Jacques-Athanase-Joseph  (French, 1820-1903)Soulier, Charles  (French, 1840-1876)

In 1854 Clouzard & Soulier obtained a patent for a transparent passe-partout glass stereoview, which eliminated the need for a third piece of glass, a milestone in the international production of glass stereoviews and at some point after that produced this stereoview. This image was later used by Fox Talbot a few years later to make an experimental photoglyphic engraving.

Stereograph, Panorama d’Edinbourg pris de Calton Hill, positive glass stereograph, sold by Ferrier et Soulier, J Levy Sr, Paris, 1890s

William Henry Fox TALBOT (English, 1800-1877)
View of Edinburgh from Calton Hill, with three test patches, 1860s
Photoglyphic engraving from an original stereo photograph by an unknown photographer
9.3 cm wide plate on 5.7 x 11.2 cm paper, irregularly trimmed
Inscribed "no Resin" by Talbot in pencil
Inventory #300437.128
Private collection, USA
Larry J. Schaaf, Sun Pictures Catalogue Twelve, Talbot and Photogravure (New York: Hans P. Kraus Jr.
Inc., 2003) no. 44, p. 57