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About this Site

V ETERAN PHOTOGRAPHER Mark Katzman's passion for this process was ignited the first time he saw an original photogravure. Since that day, he has been on a mission to learn all he can about photogravure.

This website reveals a story he believes has been untold until now. It not only celebrates the beauty and history of the photogravure process, but also highlights the important role it has played in shaping the history of photography.

It is Mark's hope that this site will enable photogravure to be recognized as one of the most beautiful and important of the photographic processes. And that in this digital age its practitioners will be appreciated for their dedicated craftsmanship and limitless passion for this all but forgotten art.

Mark, a commercial photographer, is based in St. Louis, Missouri. In his free time, Mark practices the Wet Plate Collodion process.

View Mark's Ambrotypes.


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